I am very eager to share my experience with anyone going thru Infertility

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for a few years. We had begun infertility testing and we were told that my husband’s sperm count was good and I had a fair amount of follicles to have a successful IVF but there’s always that percentage of success rate to factor in. My husband and I were so determined to have a baby that we proceeded with the IVF but had a failed cycle. We were devastated. The doctor couldn’t tell us why or what other options could increase the chances on the following cycle which gave us less hope so we cancelled the last cycle with his office and went to see my OBGYN for heart to heart talk about what we went thru and what she recommended. She then referred me to an IVF specialist in Orange county. We spoke with the doctor there and he seemed very confident which brought hope back in our lives so we proceeded with the second IVF cycle. Another failed cycle, and then a horrible feeling of depression kicked in again but this time worse. What now we thought. We spoke to the IVF doctor two weeks after the failed outcome and asked him what we could do to increase our option for a successful cycle. He mentioned Acupuncture.

We then researched for an Acupuncturist that was covered thru our insurance and I thank GOD that we found Dr. Camhy Hall. She was like an angel sent from heaven to help us with the Miracle of our little baby. After about four treatments with Dr. Hall I found out I was pregnant! I was in disbelief for weeks– so much so that I took 8 pregnancy tests following the one she had me take at her office.

We are so grateful of Dr. Hall and her methods of treatment. I’d Highly recommend her to my family and anyone going thru the same heartaches we went thru with IVF. Had we known of her prior to the IVFs she would have been our first choice.

By Mrs. Tafolla, patient of Dr. Camhy Hall

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