Kids’ Corner

Dr. Hall loves working with children! Here, we help many families and children of all ages, from a few hours old after birth to 99 young.

Children are active. Similar to adults, they require a healthy body, mind, and spirit to allow ideal growth and development. Stress could dampen their function. Some are obvious such as knocks and falls involved in growing or sport related activities but also stressors that are not immediately evident such as postural strains from back packs, sitting long hours in classes or slumped-forward posture with the use of computers, iPads, iPhones or video games. Other types of subtle stressors that may effect their overall health include mental stress, low immunity or digestive dysfunction.

The best thing about children is they are resilient! And with chiropractic and acupuncture care, most children will start improvement within the first couple of visits. After that, regular check-ups can help with repetitive stress exposures.

At Family Tree, Dr. Hall has helped many families. Let’s come together and promote healthy children inside out. Let’s give them the gift of EMPOWERMENT!

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