Hormonal Testimonial

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to have Dr. Hall as my acupuncturist. I was familiar with acupuncture since I had used it several years earlier for a painful shoulder. I am a women in my early 50′s and I began to have menstrual problems. When it came to the point where I could no longer stand the situation, I decided to try acupuncture again. I felt like my problem was probably hormonal nature and I was not willing to take drastic measures such as birth control pills to regulate it. I really wanted to handle this as natural a possible.

My preference was to find a female doctor who would be sensitive to my feelings and concerns. I found Dr. Hall’s website and felt an immediate connection. I went in for my first treatment and found her easy going manner comforting, and her intuitive nature life changing as she has guided me to a new level of well-being. I had immediate results on my first treatment. She got to the root of my problem and began to treat me from that point. It was so much deeper than just treating my symptoms. She figured out what was causing my problems and through acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and visualization helped me to begin to change the things in my life that were creating my issues.

I now have two daughters and several friends being treated by Dr. Hall. Each has completely different symptoms and situations. Regardless of what they are, each has had amazing improvements not only in their physical states, but their emotional one as well.

I would gladly refer anyone I know to Dr. Hall because of the many ways she is helping me to become the best I can be.” Coleen D., Rossmoor

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