I am now a true believer of acupuncture.

I had been feeling quite fatigue for sometime where I didn’t have enough energy to get me through the day. At mid-day I would have to rest at work. Then I noticed some sores on my hand and head. I went to my primary doctor and she prescribed an ointment and said it was some type of dermatitis. I went to a dermatologist and he gave me ointment and would see me in a month. The rash was getting worst day by day. I told my good friend who had been seeing Dr. Camhy Hall for preventive health care. I’ve never gone to an acupuncturist or anyone in my family, but I was getting a little scared because the rash was increasing daily. I saw Dr. Hall and she was very interested in all my ailments. In fact, I have never had any doctor be so concerned. My first visit lasted more than 2 hours. She discussed with me my eating habits, sleeping habits, and stress level I was having, etc. She ran a complete blood panel along with a salivary Adrenal Stress Test. Several tests came back very below normal. She quickly got me started on supplements along with acupuncture treatments. It took a while but my stamina is back and my rash is almost cleared (it had spread all over my entire body). I changed my eating habits and not only have I lost weight my complexion looks good too! One thing I really like was that she consulted with my primary and they got me off of Simvastin (for cholesterol) and gave me a supplement which is much safer for my body. I had to have my liver tested every 3 months because of the side effect of Simvastin. I am now a true believer of acupuncture.

During the time I was seeing Dr. Hall I saw 3 other dermatologists including one at UCLA (which I still see every few months). But all they gave me were ointments and creams, which were temporarily helping. I needed to fix what was wrong inside of me, which Dr. Hall has and is doing.

I’m grateful to Dr. Hall for working with me diligently and for my friend who recommended her to me.

Monica P., Los Alamitos

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