I can go a day and actually say ‘hey my stomach has not bothered me!’ It is awesome.

Before I came to see Dr. Hall, I had struggled for many years with Gastro-Intestinal problems. My personal physician referred me to a Gastroenterologist for a consultation and colonoscopy. Along with this test and others, there were no findings. The Doctor diagnosed me having IBS. I had to learn to live with it.

In February 2008, I encountered capsulitis on my left shoulder and was referred by my chiropractor to see Dr. Hall. I was referred for acupuncture because there was suspicion the symptoms I was having with my shoulder and my stomach pain was due to stress and hormones. Well, I consulted with Dr. Hall regarding my history and she explained what areas of concern and also explained the plan of action. For the first time I felt someone had finally believed my symptoms and was focused on really helping me. My acupuncture treatments targeted the areas related to stress, hormones and my shoulder pain.

Since my treatments, my health and lifestyle has changed in such a way it makes me emotional to even reflect on. The stomach issues have reduced for the first time in years. I can go a day and actually say ‘hey my stomach has not bothered me!’ It is awesome. The hot flashes and anxiety subsided. My stress level has dropped tremendously! I let things go if they don’t seem to work out and I just won’t sweat the small stuff. Everything seems to be simple instead of complex. There isn’t a way to explain it but I am loving it. My internal stress and anxiety has reduced so much my family has benefited as well. With these treatments, my internal energy has become healthier from the inside out.

I have shared my experience with my friends and have recommended Dr. Hall to others because of her knowledge, calmness and communication abilities made the experience so easy to embrace. I feel after all these years of suffering, I have finally found the best gift I can give to myself!  

Bridget B., Long Beach

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