Light Language Friends

Let’s start raising spiritually aware children. Our children are already spiritually attuned and need us to help them further cultivate it. In this day and age, we are all too easily distracted by the what is around us. We need to nurture our children’s innate powers by helping them look within themselves. Let’s start here, with this book. I hope this book will strengthen and expand each person’s connection to their soul’s essence and deepen the connection between the parent and child as you both incorporate this book into your spiritual journey.

Hi! I’m Dr. Camhy. I started combining Light Language into my practice of chiropractic, acupuncture, and quantum touch for the past 2 years. With each energy healing session I was led to channel a Light Language writing/drawing for each patient to take home and trace. My patients noticed amazing release, healing, and awaken gifts as they continued to combine the energy healing session with the tracing of the Light Language at home.

During a meditation one morning, I received an inspiration to create this book so that everybody will have access and activate their own Light Language. The channeled Light Language in this book is for self empowerment, love, peace, release of fear, and health.

My intention for this book is to awaken as many people as possible. Enjoy the Light Language and please share!– Dr. Camhy

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