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“You are what you eat.”

This saying is so old and have been used repetitively in many ways and in different contexts that it’s now considered a cliche and should never be used again.

But as often as it has been used, it still rings true. And though we have all heard it and agreed with it, seldom do we actually practice it.

This is why Dr. Hall encourages all of her patients to view food as medicine. What you eat could nourish you and help you thrive. Though the opposite is also true. So if you only put “junk” or food your body can’t process into your system, how could you expect to flourish?

Just as a vehicle that requires Premium or Diesel Gas in order to run optimally, would you pump Regular Gas into it? What would happen if you do pump Regular Gas into it continuously? And if you do own a vehicle that requires such superior care, then you understand the amount of time and effort it requires to maintain its excellence. Now, would you agree your body is your soul’s vehicle? If you do agree, why would you treat your body and soul with anything less than superior?

Dr. Hall hopes to inspire and pass her knowledge about “Food as Medicine” on to you. Happy learning.

What's in your tea?

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