Health Food Stores Misconceptions

WholeFoods, Mother’s, Sprouts Farmers Market, Bristol’s Farms, and Trader Joe’s– what do these stores have in common?

All are considered health food stores. They all carry organic and locally grown produce and most are non-GMO. But– are all products within these stores “healthy?”

Unfortunately, no.

These stores carry foods (if you can call them “food”) that are equally unhealthy. Which means you still have to read labels and you still cannot splurge on “junk food.” Junk food is junk food– it does not matter where you buy it.

I personally love these stores for their fresh produce. Though it saddens me when a patient relayed that one of the store’s brand salsa had wheat in it as a filler. Why would wheat be added to salsa? (Why is wheat/gluten added to a lot things? A different subject for a different post.) I would expect it from a mass-produced brand name company but not from one of these store’s brand. So, I set out to do some investigation myself. Sadly, I found what I was looking for.

Here is one example:

I am a big fan of almond butter. Peanut butter is too inflammatory plus peanut is not even a nut, it’s considered a bean. So looking at this label, what do you see?

  • First of all, you shouldn’t purchase “roasted” nuts. The process breaks down the good fat that you’re supposed to get from it.
  • Secondly, I don’t know about you, but I see words that make me say, “What?” The rule of thumb is this, if you don’t know what it is don’t buy it.
  • Thirdly, take a look at the “Allergen Statement.” If you are allergic/intolerant to any of these items, you should not consume this product. What it is basically telling you is this product has been contaminated with these items, it does not matter how much or how little. A little contamination could send someone into an anaphylactic shock.

Luckily, I found this container next to it:

Much better, right? I’ve also seen “Almond Butter, Unsalted” before for those watching their salt intake.

So again, just because you are shopping at a health food store, it does not mean you can go without reading the labels especially if you are purchasing anything processed.

Happy shopping and happy eating! Dr. Hall

Published by Dr. Camhy Hall, DC, MAOM

Dr. Hall was first introduced to Acupuncture and Chiropractic at a young age. She was instantly fascinated by the results and realized her calling. Dr. Hall holds a Bachelor Degree in Biochemistry and Biology from UC Riverside and received her Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Degrees with Magna Cum Laude from Southern California University of Health Sciences. In addition, Dr. Hall has completed 200+ hours in Functional Medicine and enjoy learning the latest advancements. She continuously builds on her foundation of knowledge to provide her patients with the latest most effective care. Dr. Hall specializes in: -Fertility -Pregnancy   -Pediatrics -Women Care -Emotional Wellbeing -Digestive Issues -Weight Loss -Thyroid Disorders -Autoimmune Disorders -Brain Health Being a dedicated believer in the incredible and natural healing abilities of the body, she assists patients in regaining their optimal health by correcting the imbalances in their physiology, mind, and spirit by combining Eastern and Western Medicine and advanced nutritional therapies.  Her evaluation procedures include: -Detailed health and medical history -Review of previous lab tests and treatments -Metabolic assessment -Brain and Neurotransmitter assessment -Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis -Tongue and Pulse diagnosis Through these evaluations Dr. Hall’s treatment plan targets the underlying cause of the dysfunction. Her ultimate purpose is to empower You.  In addition to helping her patients achieve their health goals, Dr. Hall enjoys the company of family and friends, meditation, reading, and outdoor activities. She is also a firm believer in giving back to the community and has been on medical staff of numerous Breast Cancer Walks and high school football/basketball games, involved with the Long Hoa Youth Group, the Soroptomist International Lakewood/Long Beach, and is on the Board of Advisory at Fremont College and the ITT Technical Institute. Dr. Hall loves to share her passion by lecturing about many health food products, supplements, diseases and preventions. In addition to her competencies, Dr. Hall brings with her an unsurpassed level of the finest professional and personal care to each patient. Coming from a family of ten members, she has always been taught that family comes first. Be assured that you will be taken care of. With her you are family.

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